Ripening and Senescence Control of Perishable Organs

Metabolism regulation in detached organs. Ripening and senescence as related to pre-harvest conditions. Manipulation of the post-harvest life of perishable organs.

Plant Molecular Physiology

Molecular genetics and biochemistry as the basis for plant breeding. Proteins, enzymes and molecular metabolism. Molecular control of physiological processes.

Photosynthesis and Productivity of Tropical and Subtropical Plants

Environmental and endogenous control of photosynthesis and dry matter distribution in plants and ecosystems. Photosynthetic responses to abiotic stresses and pathogens

Plant Mineral Metabolism

 Mineral acquisition, transport and metabolism. Resistance/tolerance mechanisms to deficiencies, excesses and toxic elements. Silicon and plant-pathogen interactions.

Plant Organic Metabolism

Sources of N for plants. Nitrate reduction and ammonium assimilation. Amino acid, ureide and carbohydrate metabolism. Relationships among photosynthesis, respiration and N and P metabolism. Mitochondrial metabolism.

Regulation of Plant Development

Regulation of vegetative and reproductive development. Regulatory effects of environmental and endogenous cues on plant development. Seed germination and physiology. Chemical control of growth and production.

Plant Responses to Pollutants

Impacts of pollutants (F, O3, S and toxic metals) on plants. Resistance/tolerance mechanisms. Detoxification of ecosystems. Identification of bioindicators and their use in environmental monitoring.